Critical Readings: Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism (2)

We continue reading 'Lifestyle politics and radical Activism' by Laura Portwood-Stacer.
The book explores how radical anarchist activists position their own lifestyles within projects of resistance. Various lifestyle practices, from consumption to personal style to sexual relationships, are studied to address how identity and cultural practices can be used as tools of political dissent.

In this second meeting of the reading group for this book, we will discuss:

* The second subchapter of Chapter 2: 'Typology of anti-consumption motivations' (Pages 37-46)
* The third and last subchapter of Chapter 2: 'Applying the typology' (Pages 46-51)
* The whole Chapter 3: 'Performing political dissent through spectacular self-presentation' (Pages 51-75)

The book is availabe in pdf format here:

It is not strictly necessary to read the book to join the meeting, although it is recommended in order to participate in the discussion.

The chapters will be presented and resumed by attendants of the group, and then the whole group will discuss its content.
The format of the reading group will be explained at the beginning of the meeting.

The event is held in english.

Thursday, 7 October, 2021 - 19:00 to 22:00