Cosmopolitan Readings: Season of Migration to the North

Realizing the need to take a closer look at societies around the world that are too often overlooked by the mainstream media, wose are reading the literature of countries around the world to gain a better understanding of their history, societies, ways of thinking, and political changes, as well as the struggles of people hoping to gain more rights and freedom.

"Season of Migration to the North" revolves around the problematic relationship between the East and the West, the relationship of stalking, caution, and the desire to take revenge on the European colonizer of the countries of the East and Southern Mediterranean. It all started when Mustafa Saeed, who finished his studies in the UK is now back to his small village in Sudan. that's when he will take the reader in the deep analysis of orientalism, how a British sees Sudanese person, and in the wider frame how the west sees the east, and Europe sees Africa and the differences between these societies.

The novel is completing "Heart of darkness" from Conrad and was chosen as one of the best 100 novels in the 20th century.
During this meeting, the book will be reviewed and presented by one person from D-Zóna with a guided discussion afterward.
In every meeting the attendants will collectively choose the next book to read, who will present it, and how.
It is not strictly necessary to read the book beforehand but is strongly recommended in order to fully participate in the discussion. The book's content will be presented and the text for the next meeting will be decided between the attendants.

A digital version of the book is available here:

Thursday, 25 June, 2020 - 19:00 to 21:30