Critical Readings: Judith Butler - Undoing Gender (2)

Undoing Gender constitutes Judith Butler's recent reflections on gender and sexuality, focusing on new kinship, psychoanalysis and the incest taboo, transgender, intersex, diagnostic categories, social violence, and the tasks of social transformation.

In the next one, we will present and discuss:

Chapter 1 "Beside Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy" - 23 book pages
Chapter 2 "Gender Regulations" - 17 pages

At the end of the meeting, we decide which chapters to read for the next meeting, additional texts, and who will present them.
Anyone can attend the meeting even without reading the chapters, but doing so is recommended to participate in the discussion.

The book is available in epub format here:

Thursday, 18 June, 2020 - 19:00 to 21:00