Cosmopolitan Readings: A General Theory of Oblivion

Realizing the need to take a closer look at societies around the world that are too often overlooked by the mainstream media, we are reading the literature of countries around the world to gain a better understanding of their history, societies, ways of thinking, and political changes, as well as the struggles of people hoping to gain more rights and freedom.

"A General Theory of Oblivion" by Angolan author José Eduardo Agualusa recounts the story of a Portuguese woman who locks herself into her apartment as Angola teeters on the brink of independence. She attempts to cut herself off from the external world for three decades until she meets a young boy who informs her of the radical changes which have occurred in the country in the intervening years. The book is based on real-life events.

This meeting will take the form of an informal guided discussion, and all are encouraged to join in. If possible, try to read the text, which is available for free here:

Thursday, 23 July, 2020 - 19:00 to Friday, 24 July, 2020 - 20:45