ONLINE: Back in the Kitchen: Anti-Feminist Backlash in the Post-Communist Czech Republic ~ domof-mooy


The majority of the political and cultural elites in Czech Republic of the 1990s and 2000s decided to mock any struggle towards gender equality. This is not to say that the previous Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was a feminist utopia - far from it - but these two decades, nevertheless, saw quite a vociferous attack on feminism and women (of any political orientation) in positions of power. The "attackers" included some previously persecuted intellectuals coming home from the West and labelling feminism as a new totalitarian threat. I want to talk about this antifeminist wave, especially how it framed the public discussion about sexual harassment, violence against women, and women in politics. 

Speaker: Karolina Kasparova, freelance journalist (Finmag, Deník N)


Structure of the event: lecture - questions to the speaker - general discussion


Domof-mooy is a series of events starting in October 2020, focused on enabling foreigners living in Prague to understand the local social space better: its history and present. The series is not meant to be simply foreigner-oriented education - its ambition is to create a fruitful discussion among individuals of any origin, Czech people included. After all, there is no clear frontier between "local" and "foreign", as concepts like "home" or "origin" are a complex issue. This is why both "foreigners" and "locals" might benefit from discussing our shared environment.


If you have something to say to the topic of the lecture, you can prepare a short speech (5 minutes max) that would be included in the final discussion. For example, you might compare the situation in the Czech Republic with a country that you know, and so on.



Friday, 16 October, 2020 - 19:00 to Saturday, 17 October, 2020 - 21:45