Cosmopolitan readings: Too Loud a Solitude

Realizing the need to take a closer look at societies around the world that are too often overlooked by the mainstream media, we are reading the literature of countries around the world to gain a better understanding of their history, societies, ways of thinking, and political changes, as well as the struggles of people hoping to gain more rights and freedom.
Haňťa, who works in a trash compactor facility in Prague, maintains a deep love for the books that he is destroying, so he tries to use his job to save and amass astounding numbers of rare and banned books.
Too Loud a Solitude is described as Hrabal's masterpiece and was translated to more than 30 Languages!
It's not strictly requested to read the book, but it's preferred to be able to fully join the discussion. The discussion will be in English.
The meeting will be held in Kampus hybernska, building B, Světnice.

Thursday, 25 November, 2021 - 19:00 to 21:00