Critical Readings: The Bonds of Love (Introduction)

This event will be held at Letohradská 10, Prague 7. Ring buzzer L10 if the door is closed.

This week, we will discuss the Introduction of Bonds of Love by Jessica Benjamin.

Why do people submit to, and derive pleasure from, authority others have over them? What is the appeal of domination and submission, and why are they so prevalent in erotic life? Why is it so difficult for men and women to meet as equals? Why, indeed, do they continue to recapitulate the positions of master and slave? In The Bonds of Love, noted feminist theorist and psychoanalyst Jessica Benjamin explains why we accept and perpetuate relationships of domination and submission. She reveals that domination is a complex psychological process which ensnares both parties in bonds of complicity, and shows how it underlies our family life, our social institutions, and especially our sexual relations, in spite of our conscious commitment to equality and freedom.

Thursday, 19 October, 2023 - 19:00 to 21:00