21/2 Critical Readings - Frantz Fanon: The Wretched of the Earth (1)

In this session, we at the critical readings are starting a new book: Frantz Fanon's anti- and post-colonial classic "The Wretched of the Earth".

Fanon was a psychiatrist, philosopher, and revolutionary who was born in Martinique, educated in France, and involved in the Algerian struggle for independence. "The Wretched of the Earth" is largely inspired by the latter historical event and explores philosophical, physical, and psychiatrical impact of colonisation on individuals and societies, and takes a critical view on methods of decolonisation, including liberatory potential of violence and third-world nationalisms.

The full book in pdf can be found here: https://libcom.org/files/%5BFrantz_Fanon%5D_Wretched_of_the_earth_(tran(BookZZ.org).pdf

For this session, we should read and will discuss the first chapter "Concerning Violence" (p. 35-106, but don't worry, the pages are comparably tiny). For complementary readings, see Jean Paul Sartre's preface to the book (p. 7-34) and an interview with another influential post-colonial thinker Achille Mbembe "What is postcolonial thinking?" here: https://www.eurozine.com/what-is-postcolonial-thinking/

V Radikální knihovně jsou dva výtisky Psanců této země (český překlad Fanona) k dispozici k vypůjčení. Máme otevřeno každou středu od čtyř do sedmi.