Social Screenings

5/3 Social Screenings: "This Is What Democracy Looks Like"

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the "Battle of Seattle": massive protests against the World Trade Organisation and murderous capitalist greed in 1999. The protests, both peaceful and violent, gathered more than 40,000 people and effectively started a tradition of "summit resistance" (as seen in Prague a year later, in London in 2009, or in Hamburg two years ago).

Podzim 2020: Stálé aktivity // Autumn 2020: Regular events

Critical Readings


Every second Thursday at 19:00 in D-zóna (always announced in the calendar and on this web).


Social Screenings

We show films about social movements from different places and dealing with different struggles.

Cosmopolitan Readings

Domof mooy

Domof-mooy is a series of events starting in October 2020, focused on enabling foreigners living in Prague to understand the local social space better: its history and present. The series is not meant to be simply foreigner-oriented education - its ambition is to create a fruitful discussion among individuals of any origin, Czech people included. After all, there is no clear frontier between "local" and "foreign", as concepts like "home" or "origin" are a complex issue. This is why both "foreigners" and "locals" might benefit from discussing our shared environment.